Sunday, April 28, 2013

PageRank - Does it Still Matter?

PageRank which often regards as PR is the green bar on your browser that makes so many Site owners or Webmasters, Internet Marketers, SEM even SEO guys to become backlink obsessed just to increase their PR. Wherein there is a valid reason for them to be obsessed about it because it's one of the more important 200+ signals that Google use to rank a website. While there are so many articles, blog posts and videos related to PageRank (PR) thus giving more emphasis on it and makes people more obsess on how to increase their PR.

As time pass by humanity progress so as Google's algorithms. Panda was release then came Penguin the whole people involve in the online business went crazy about this changes while in the midst of this changes confusion arise and people even begun to doubt to the extend of creating a propaganda with or without malicious intent or just a plain intriguing articles or blog post saying that SEO is dead and almost like 90% now thinks that PageRanks is of no longer a value.

I remember I had a blog post rejecting the the propaganda to which they are saying that SEO is dead here is my short reaction related to this self-created enigma by whoever started it. My reaction post on here >>> SEO is not a Hollywood Star.

Now lets go back to the topic regarding why most people think that PageRank is no longer important? There are reasons as to why people think and say that it is no longer important, among this reasons are;

1. people use PR to sell a backlinks.
2. Selling the site itself with good PR means good money
3. People who are obsess in creating backlinks on high PR sites will spam those site/blog enormously just because it has a good or high PR. This is annoying for website owners or webmaster to clear these spams.

This 3 examples are just a few among the many reasons that made me write this article.

As for my personal point of view PageRank (PR) still matters, why? Here are my reasons;

1. In the Google Toolbar PageRank is still there.

2. Google still use PageRank as one that is more important in the 200 plus signals they use in ranking a website.
3. PageRank is still the most well-known TRUST for Google.

There goes my point of view regarding PageRank issues, where I know most will definitely disagree but I will stand strong and even debate about this.