Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am Back - With Stronger SEO Strategies

2013 is a fruitful year for me and I thank the Lord our God for  these blessings in my life, also in gratitude for all the trials He has given me.

Prior to this post the last one was way back January of 2013 it's like 4 months has pass before I made up my mind to tend my blog. It's not because I'm down in ranking nor I am out of client in fact I'm still ranking #1 for 2 of my major keywords "Filipino SEO" and "Filipino SEO Specialist" for more than 8 consecutive months now! Without fluctuation even with any Google Algorithm updates "Panda and Penguin" in all those months that it rank #1. The other reason why it took me almost 4 months before I decided to write another blog is I'm too pre-occupied working full-time with my clients.

I am not sure if it's only me who has finally got a deeper and stronger understanding of my work or there is really a huge change in over all Search Engine Optimization this year. Wherein other traditional SEO approach and old link building strategies doesn't give that much effect as it does before (Still has but very little effects). I will have them listed here later on my next blog post for everyone to know what are those old link building strategies that only has little effects this year, I'm pretty sure you already know a few. In addition to it I will also include other SEO strategies/approaches that will greatly benefit a site/blog.

I say this blog has achieved greatly in accordance with its purpose but it's almost a year now since that strategy I used on this blog. Tho, my target keyword main purpose is not about traffic but mainly grab a possible client's attention which this blog has also succeeded on doing that.

I will now apply my newly acquired knowledge/skill on this blog. This means I'll be adding another purpose for this blog. One other purpose is to rank High competitive keywords and will also drive thousands of traffics on this blog.

I'm glad that I am back on this blog with an even stronger SEO Strategies and Campaigns. Keep in touch guys.