Sunday, December 23, 2012

SEO on Christmas Holiday!!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! 
 from +Dom Casas

Merry Christmas everyone! Oh my I said it four times and I want to say it more! Christmas is celebrated all over the world you can actually feel the jolly hearts of each individual who are celebrating it even to those who don't as they will appreciate the sparkling lights at night on houses or streets. This holiday actually brings a lot of joy to people.

But for Internet Marketers or Online Business that are not into Holiday/Gifts or products that beneficial for this season. The widely affected niches are "Health" "Fitness" "Weight Loss" "Diet" for almost everyone who are willing to buy online this December are something that can be wrap and be made a gift to be given to their love ones or dear ones. The most salable this times are greeting cards, gadgets, food, travel, anything related to this that will complete their Christmas!

As I am now working for a Fitness Niche where the keywords are buy hCG Injections and hCg Diet the site's traffic has dropped almost by 50% this is very considerable knowing the fact that people will set a side their diet because of this Holiday. There are a lot parties going on right now which are unavoidable not to eat because everyone is enjoying eating! Drinking is also present in most parties that's the usual thing. We will also going to celebrate New Year there be another abundant parties and eating and it's really hard to say I am on a diet because everyone won't accept reasoning of yours not to eat as the celebration is going on.

As my client and I expect a 200% increase in traffic and a better ranking after the New Year when people will start making New Year's resolution to slim down be in a diet or get back on your diet after watching your face getting round shape or people from work will notice and said to you hey you gain weight.

For those who are on Fitness or Diet related niche it's better to continue your SEO on Christmas! They will pay off and beginning January of 2013 and who might know if Google Algorithm has change and it has favored your SEO strategies your going BooM!