Saturday, December 29, 2012

My SEO Strategies are Gold Mines!

Hi Guys! Happy New Year in advance to each and everyone!

Two days from now we'll welcome 2013 with food, wine, fireworks and with awesome parties! 2012 has been a productive year in my career as a Filipino SEO Specialist as to where I stand today with this knowledge I gained I say it's still not enough. With God's grace and love I had accomplished so much in the field of Search Engine Optimization in the past 6 months of 2012 than I had 3 years back! Imagine that!

I started experimenting one SEO Strategy after another on this blog way back in July of this year, it was exhausting but I got a good grip in just a week! In a month after I was Dominating Google's first page! That was an amazing result I got. Then I got incoming client, they came and they where in many! I was working on 3 clients at once and some others are waiting for my reply to work with them. Those exhausting experiments I did paid off! But I failed to produce the same result as I did on this blog and slowly lose my clients.
It was so disappointing on my part simply because I can't can't handle 3 clients at once. So when I got an e-mail from a Peoria Chiropractor who wants to acquire my SEO Services I spent a time fulling myself together again and stick with just one client.

The deal was set with Dr. Justin Tuttle as my client and he wanted me to rank a Local Keyword Peoria Chiropractor he actually has 2 sites which are and The original plan was to rank his main site the which is a Joomla site but I told him I'll work on his Wordpress blog which is everything went smoothly and I manage to rank his main site at #1 and a page of his main site at #2!

and the blog at #10 for Local Keyword Peoria Chiropractor

 Dr. Justin decided to halt SEO work for awhile. So I move on with a latest client her Online name is Rayzel Lam. Her niche is about the hCG Diet! The money is in the keyword hCG Injections and buy hCG injections

Currently her blog is at #1 position for they keyword "buy hCG injections"


As for this blog still rank at #1 position in Google for the keyword "Filipino SEO" for 5 consecutive months now this is proof that my SEO Strategies are Gold Mines!