Friday, July 27, 2012

Google Panda 3.9 Aftermath

Last July 24, 2012 Google Panda Update 3.9 has been confirmed. I didn't notice that there was a Google update til I saw a post from Search Engineland Panda Update 3.9, not reading the date of the post I even posted in Forum that it was to be rolled that same night I posted there but I was a day late with the news.

Unknowingly that there was an update I already notice an increase in traffic on this blog, my excitement grew even more when I learned that there was a Google Panda Update. I am on the 1st page in just a week of doing Off-page SEO before the update I was at rank #7 to be exact. When the update came my rank when from #7 to rank #5 then the following day it went to #4 then just yesterday it was on rank #3 which makes me really happy that I have a working SEO Strategy, so I thought to aim the #1 position before July ends and increase my other keyword ranks.

After 24 hours in #3 position I try to do a Rank checked on my keyword Filipino SEO to my surprise... Ok don't think I'm already in my #1 in fact I was at #8! what the! What happened? Am I in a Google dance? I know that Google intends to bring quality blog/site and quality content wherein my blog does not fit in the category but I ask myself why didn't they ranked me down before I reach #3 on first page?

I was so upset! Who won't be? After a few hours of disappointment I gave myself another try to do a rank check on my keyword and woot! woot! It's back on #4 then after 30 minutes it's back on #8 then back on  #5 then back on #8!

I think I'll just let it go strengthen my backlinks even more. This time I'll make sure that it will stick on it's position #1!