Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free SEO Service


Thank you for visiting my blog. As a Filipino SEO specialist I can provide SEO Services in many form. In my years of experience I never tried offering a free service before this time I decided to provide one.

I will Index your backlinks for FREE! Here's the requirement.

1. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this post. (Don't forget to mention @pinoyseoservice)
2. Send me a Direct Message @pinoyseoservice with the list of your Backlinks.
3. List of 1-500 Backlinks. (I will not index more than 500 backlinks)
4. Upon step 1 to 3 is complete. I will reply to your message to indicate that I will proceed to index your backlinks

Note: Failure to follow the requirements will be ignored.

In addition, I will also ping your 1-500 backlinks still for FREE!

No hook ups! This SEO Service is totally FREE!

This is a first come first serve basis til August 25, 2012!