Thursday, May 3, 2012

Panda Update 3.6

Pinoy SEO presents....

Google has affirmed they've pressed out a refresh around the Panda formula on Friday, April 27th.

I observed an uptick in Website owner discussion around Google changes over the past weekend, mostly at WebmasterWorld and requested Google to verify if there is an update. Google confirmed they rejuvenated the Panda update around the 27th, however it would be a limited update not affecting that lots of sites.

This was a unusual update being that Panda 3.5 was launched on April 19th, creating a 8 day gap between 3.5 which update, 3.6. Typically Google pushes out a refresh of Panda every 6 days approximately.

A Google Representative stated:

We’re ongoing to iterate on our Panda formula included in our resolve for coming back high-quality sites to Google customers. This newest update is among the over 500 changes we make to the ranking calculations every year.

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