Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google's impact on SEO

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Believe that (not given) is just affecting Search engine optimization-related websites? Reconsider.

The Poynter Institute, a non-profit journalism school that’s well-known on television circles, authored Wednesday concerning the growing impact that (not given) is getting on writer websites. Author Steve Myers shared what he found after checking’s statistics:

Key phrases were hidden in 29 percent of searches in April. That’s up from 22.five percent in November, soon after the modification is made. Now “(not given)” comprises the biggest group of search phrases, dwarfing the 2nd place term: Poynter. Overall, 6 % of inbound traffic now develops from a black box.

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Within the six-plus several weeks since Google started encrypting searches and outgoing clicks automatically for drenched-in customers on the, (not given) keyword recommendations have become well past the single-digit searches that Google initially stated could be affected.

The the usual understanding continues to be that it is an issue that mostly affects Search engine optimization- and check industry-related websites - sites that will get lots of traffic from Google via customers which are drenched in because of using Google Statistics, Gmail, Pay Per Click and a variety of other Google items that need a login. At the beginning of the entire year, though, I shared a couple of good examples of non-tech/non-search sites which were already seeing (not given) among their Top Ten mentioning key phrases only two-and-a-half-several weeks after Google made the modification.

With Opera moving to secure search automatically and Google announcing in March that secure search would expand past the U.S., it’s nearly sure that (not given) will end up more prevalent and affect more websites well past the search and tech industries.

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