Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bitter Truth of Philippine SEO Outsourcing Company | Remote SEO Geek

The Bitter Truth of Philippine SEO Outsourcing Company 

Good day everyone, I am just dropping by to write something about this since it's bothering me for some time now.

Whenever one of my contract ends I always find myself looking for another in hope that I will be able to find a permanent employer even tho I prefer myself to be a freelancer, I still hope to have a permanent job online with a particular company.

Speaking of a company, as I always find myself looking for a new job after a contract expire I realize that many outsourcing companies here in the Philippines have this particular thing called "Hiring Process" well that's a must for a company to secure and offer their clients the best employee there is. But, the process is a BS! Yes, you here me it's a BS. Why?

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Here are the following reasons why;

1. The Waiting Process - This process to get an interview takes too long to consider. Unlike applying to a direct client specially clients from the U.S. they'll simply look into the the applicant's resume/portfolio and if they'll find him/her fit for the job an interview will be given most of the time getting hired right after the interview. Most Outsourcing Companies here in the Philippines they'll make the applicant wait and in the process of waiting they'll get an initial interview by someone who has little or no knowledge on SEO.

2. The Initial Interview Process - WTF! Do they even know how Search Engine Optimization works when they ask those questions? If they do I'm pretty sure they'll understand what you're talking about but they usually don't since most of them are virtual assistants task to screen out applicants. They don't know a shit about SEO.

After the initial interview you will be told to wait until their client respond to their assessment during the initial interview where I am pretty sure most will fail since they didn't understand a shit about what you talk about (SEO).

3. The Assessing of Applicants - During the initial interview they will assess you NOT base on your credentials nor your experience or your skills or your previous achievements but on how good conversationalist you are. Yes that's right, you need to have a good PR to get the job you're so highly fit.

Note: Wear a mask with all your smiles and the sweetest thing they want to hear to land the job they won't give a shit if you can do the job as long as you can impress them.

4. The Interviewer - I am not generalizing this one but I can assure you that around 95% of those assigned to interview an applicant are most likely a previous call center agent with zero background in Internet Marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How can I tell? One is the way they approach an applicant, 2 they get irritated and they don't want to discus anything about On-page optimization or Off-page Optimization all they want to hear is an answer to their questions and if you try to explain things why it has to be done or how you could do it you can sense their disapproval to further the conversation.

5. The Company's Client - I am a Filipino at the same time a human being. My concern goes to the client who happened to seek services through outsourcing companies here in the Philippines where services are good at the same time affordable BUT be weary about the one's who will work for your site you'll either just waste your money in trust of that outsourcing SEO company because the right candidate was not chosen or your site be penalized by Google because of trash backlinks.

If you're a client or your company entrust you to find for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) do not run to an outsourcing company here in the Philippines to find the right applicant for you. I suggest you post an Ad yourself on Craigslist Manila, Pinoy Jobs or Best Jobs Philippines. Make time to conduct the interview yourself and get the best candidate to help your site don't worry you won't make a mistake in choosing the right candidate you'll definitely know who's faking it and who can actually do the job.

In addition I'd like to provide you the rates for SEO Services here in the Philippines depending on the level of their skills/knowledge and experiences.

Beginner - With little or no knowledge but has the potential to grow due to his/her persona the rate is $2 per hour a Full-time will cost you $320 per month.

Advance - A minimum of 1-2 years of skills, knowledge and experience in the field. The rate is in-between $3 or $4. I suggest to start at $3 per hour or $480 per month (Full-time) if the person is performing well increase his/her salary and inform him that you expect him/her to perform even better.

Expert -A 5-7 years SEO experience with proven track record regarding his/her skills/experience will have a rate of $5-$7 per hour. I suggest to start at $5 per hour that will cost you around $800 per month (Full-time) .

Guru - A 10 years experience in the field with proven track records will cost you around $10-$15 per hour. I suggest to start at $10 per hour that will cost you around $1600 per month (Full-time).