Saturday, July 14, 2012

Youtube Marketing Best Practices Part 2

4. Youtube Video Types
Talking Head - Nowadays, talking head videos don’t lead to just as much engagement as other available choices. And ENGAGEMENT is paramount. You will find two mental causes of this. First, talking head videos are rampant online and therefore, these videos just appear passé and boring. Second, the face, speech, actions, and posture be a liability inside a video. As the viewer tries to pay attention to your message, their subconscious is going to be busy knowing the way you look or perhaps your accent. Face the facts, some people aren’t pretty enough for TV. Actions we advise cartoon speaking heads if you are going this route. In which the speaking mind video really stands out is personal branding. In case your objective would be to construct your logo and to become recognized expert inside your area -- speaking mind videos are a great vehicle. Should you choose decide upon a speaking mind format, we highly recommend that you simply clearly display your individual branding info (Twitter and facebook Web addresses). The very best place with this is towards the top of the screen.

Screen Capture Videos - Once we talked about above, pictures can frequently be annoying. Thus, the greater annoying variables you are able to eliminate, the simpler it's for prospects to pay attention to your message.

Among the best ways to get this done is thru a screen capture video, in which the viewer learns your voice because they watch what’s happening on your pc monitor.

This format is great for software demos and just how-to videos. It enables you to definitely give useful advice after which present a proactive approach, asking viewer to follow the link through your video. Screen capture software like Camtasia for PC and Screenflow for Mac permit you to make videos only using your pc along with a microphone.

Presentations - As a Filipino SEO this is just one of my personal favorite, because it’s super easy and it has been testing from the charts. This format includes a Ms powerpoint (or Keynote) presentation that’s been shot with screen capture software after which coupled with a voice-over.

Here’s the truly interesting factor. This format isn’t pretty, BUT it may be very effective. We’ve discovered that the mixture of text and voice-over narration is nearly hypnotic. A lot of our greatest transforming videos have comprised of only a voice reading through plain black text on the whitened background. Really.

Prezi - When you are searching to show in the graphical “Wow” factor, Prezi is a superb tool. In a nutshell, Prezi may be the remedy for the most popular slide show presentation. Miracle traffic bot makes creating engaging, animated videos easy. In an exceedingly small amount of time, you may create a clever, professional

Sock Puppet Videos - Don’t laugh, these really work… Okay, laugh if you would like, however these videos get a lot of sights because they’re essentially a pattern interrupt. Should you be searching for YouTube and saw a sock puppet video within the sidebar, you’d most likely click it, right? - Much like sock puppets, animated videos that appear to be like cartoons are immediately noticeable and disarming.

Services like GoAnimate are incrediblyeasy to make use of just make your figures and enter in the dialog. You may also improve your characters’ feelings. It’s really pretty fun.

Paper Cuts ( - This particular service really produces training and demo videos using paper cutouts along with a dry-erase board. While plainly low-tech, these videos have proven themselves to become probably the most engaging formats online.  Once more, it’s the simplicity the format which makes the recording so effective. There is not much that’s left available to interpretation. If you are feeling really crafty, you may make your personal paper cut videos utilizing a program known as

Doodle Videos ( - Videos which include voice-over narration highlighted by an artist’s hands doodling images on the whitened background (as with individuals UPS advertisements) is easily the most effective format I’ve found yet. Look for yourself. If there is a doodle it’s normally the most seen video for your subject.

These quick draw videos alllow for impressive presentations, but -- children us -- they’re Tough to accomplish. Actions I suggest employing Sellamations if you prefer a top drawer video.

Otherwise, a hands attracted presentation with the shadows and mess-ups could be just like effective. The explanation for why this format is really effective is the fact that, after i watch someone drawing, I actually want to begin to see the final product. Psychologically, we obtain swept up within the anticipation as though we have to see exactly what the sketch will seem like