Monday, July 30, 2012

Being a Filipino SEO Specialist

As it is in my blog description I am a Filipino SEO Specialist for more than 3 years now. I have been through a lot in all those years working as a freelance Search Engine Optimization Specialist. I can already smell the nature of a client during the interview and the way they asses me. Summing up all my experience and knowledge gained I can proudly say I am an SEO Specialist. I'm no SEO Guru that I'm not but I am a Specialist in the field of SEO which means I can manage your site structure to keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization.

I love optimizing sites and what I love the most is when I saw the site is on the first page of search engines with their respective keyword/s, it's also exciting to watch the sites statistic grow on Google Analytics and other relevant tools. It feels like the site is mine though  it's not.

I love this job but sometimes it makes me sad being a Filipino SEO Specialist because I don't feel like I'm being paid fairly. I know why companies from around the globe outsource us for a better ROI. I just hope they would appreciate the skills of their outsourced employee and increase their rate. I have been checking on craigslist US how much they offer for Search Engine Optimization Specialist and I often see $8-$18 per hour compensation depend on skills. If being a professional is the case most Filipino SEO are professionals I alone is a Computer Science graduate myself.

There is this one client I have right now instructing me to do this thing and do that thing and she ask me if I'm already done with the articles and I replied you know I am not that good in writing articles, she then replied oh so you only know how to do a research, gather links and submit to them? "What the Hell!"  I was offended a little bit because I'm a Computer Science graduate . So I told her frankly that I have advance knowledge on html/css, joomla, php, On-page and Off-Page Optimization and I am up to date on Search Engine Algorithms. I'm an SEO Specialist and doing a research gathering links and submitting is not even challenging me! I was just being honest that I am not a good writer yet she be-little me, it's her fault that she instructed me to just do a research, gather links and submit to them. I almost told her you are offering SEO services to clients yet you're site alone is not fully on-page optimized good thing I manage to suppress my emotion. This is just one of my many other encounters with my clients being a Filipino SEO.

I somehow feel that there's a racial discrimination even in an online job but as always we Filipino will overcome it and prove that we are worth a better appreciation and a better pay rate.